Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Research Travel Award Winners

The Eberly Family Special Collections Library is pleased to announce the winners of its inaugural travel awards program. All winners will visit the Special Collections Library between June and August of 2012.

Dorothy Foehr Huck award winners:

  • Christine Garwood, University of Hertfordshire. Her topic is "Prophets and Prophecies in Britain and America, 1750-1999" and she will be making extensive use of Arthur O. Lewis Utopia Collection alongside contextual material in the Science Fiction collection and Hostetler and Huntingdon collections on the Hutterites and Amish.
  • Kyle Jensen, University of North Texas. His topic is "Kenneth Burke's A Rhetoric of Motives: A Fluid-text Edition" and will be using the newest addition to the Kenneth Burke papers.
  • Gwen Kay, SUNY Oswego. Her topic is "Changing names, changing identities? -- Examining the change in mission, vision and name from the College of Home Economics to Human Development to Health and Human Development." She will use several records groups from the University Archives.
  • Rachel Pierce, University of Virginia. Her topic is "Capitol Feminism: Work, Politics and Gender in Congress, 1960-1980" She will examines the political culture of Capitol Hill and the impact of the women's liberation movement on that culture through research in the "A Few Good Women" oral history collection among other collections.
Helen F. Faust Women Writers award winner:

  • Taryne Jade Taylor, University of Iowa. Her topic is "Remembering the Future, Redefining the Past: A Study of Nineteenth Century British Feminist Utopias." She will make extensive use of Arthur O. Lewis Utopia Collection and other related materials.
During their research visit, the winners will be invited to give a short, informal presentation about their research that will be open to the public.

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